Next-generation Volkswagen Golf to go Electric

Volkswagen’s next-generation Golf, the MkVII, will be sold in Europe with both hybrid and electric variants, according to VW’s head of research and development, Ulrich Hackenberg.

Hackenberg revealed some of VW’s future green plans to Autocar at the Los Angeles Auto Show and confirmed the MkVII Golf will add both hybrid and electric versions, at least in Europe. Hackenberg did not say whether the cars will be sold in other markets.

“We’re looking at a hybrid version of a compact car for Europe and it will come on the next Golf, and an EV version,” said Hackenberg.

He added that the diesel hybrid technology shown on the Up! Lite concept could be scaled up for larger cars. The Up! Lite uses a small diesel engine with a 10 kW electric motor as its source of propulsion, but Hackengberg revealed it could easily be fitted with a more powerful 30 kW motor and larger engine.

In addition to revealing the company’s mainstream compact car plans, he commented on future Lamborghinis and Bentleys as well. “Supersports need to be full EVs, like our Audi e-Tron concept,” said Hackenberg.

This rules out a hybrid Lamborghini or Bentley, but leaves the distinct possibility we may indeed see an electric Lamborghini or Bentley in the future.

Source: Autocar