Next Generation Ford Falcon Might be Front Wheel Drive

For years we’ve been yearning for Ford to sell its Australian Falcon in the United States. With Ford’s push for global platforms that may happen, but not quite the way we had imagined it.

Ford CEO Alan Mullally told a group of Australian journalists Tuesday that the Falcon has a long-term production future, but added that the next generation might be front-wheel-drive.

Since Ford is moving all its large cars onto one platform, this decision would likely keep the next generation Taurus front-wheel-drive. Mullally said fuel economy and performance, along with customers’ values, would decide which wheels drive the next generation large cars.

GM cited similar concerns when it curtailed development of vehicles on its global Zeta rear-wheel-drive platform. Mullally did not rule out importing the current Falcon as GM does with the Holden Commodore, but said he was more focused on making sure the next generation car was global from the start.

Big V-8 power might also be on its way out for the car as Ford tries to improve economy and emissions across its lineup by 20 percent. But Mullally added that through direct injection and turbocharging (EcoBoost engines), the Falcon would maintain its reputation for performance.

Source: GoAuto