Next-Gen Porsche Boxster May Use Four-Cylinder Engine

We’ve heard plenty of comparisons of the Porsche Boxster to the original 356, but that lineage may grow stronger yet: Porsche may be considering a four-cylinder Boxster.

Yes, Porsche fans, the lovely mid-engined roadster – along with its Cayman coupe sibling – may be fitted with four-cylinder engines as early as 2011. The folks at Autocar claim the move may be triggered in part by European emission laws, which are becoming increasingly stringent in regards to CO2 output. Though the 2.7-liter Boxster is presently the cleanest Porsche offered (it emits but 222 grams of CO2 per kilometer), that figure may not cut it in the future.
Lest you think this marks the second coming of the 914, think again. Autocar says the new motor will be turbocharged, produce about 200 hp (the current 2.7-liter mill is good for 245) and will weigh less than a flat-six.
Should the geniuses in Stuttgart tune it just right, it could prove to be quite a fun (if not efficient) package.
Source: Autocar

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