New World Record? 964 Ferraris Fill Silverstone Circuit for Biggest Parade Title

This is one traffic jam we wouldn’t mind being stuck in: 964 Ferraris filled the Silverstone Circuit in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest parade of Ferrari cars. About 1000 cars were initially registered to attend, but even with “just” 964 Ferraris, it was a rather good turnout.

Felipe Massa headed the parade in a 458 Spider as part of Ferrari Racing Days, leading 963 Ferraris from all over the U.K. Although it hasn’t yet been deemed an official Guinness World Record, the unofficial record shatters Ferrari’s previous one of 490 cars on Japan’s Fuji Speedway Circuit in 2008.  Thanks to the Silverstone Circuit’s recent extension, Ferrari almost doubled that amount. For every Ferrari in the parade, the sports car maker donated about $8 U.S. to auto industry charity BEN.

In addition to the parade, Marc Gene was on hand as a coach for drivers taking part in the “F1 Clienti” programs, in which owners can learn to drive like a pro. A number of Ferrari models including the F12 Berlinetta were also on display. As for official record confirmation, the Guinness World Records Limited Commission has its say by the end of next week.

Watch the 964 Ferraris take over the track at Silverstone in the video below.

Source: Ferrari

Click here for video

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