New “Risk of Severe Injury” Feature added to BMW Assist

BMW will add a new “risk of severe injury” algorithm to all 2009 and later models (except the X3) equipped with BMW Assist. The new feature calculates probability of severe injury and relates that information along with the vehicle’s location to specialists in the event of a collision.

Here’s the scenario: you are driving your BMW Assist-equipped 2009 BMW and out of the blue, another vehicle slams into your car. As soon as the accident occurs, the system automatically sends your location and vehicle data to a response specialist. The specialist then verbally communicates with you to determine the condition of the vehicle’s occupants. At the same time a second response specialist begins to request dispatch of emergency services.

The latest version of BMW Assist collects data from various sensors to determine the type of collision and the resulting likelihood of injury. The system also monitors the deployment status of various safety systems as well as occupancy and seatbelt engagement for the front seats. With the new information, specialists will be able to send suitable emergency services to the scene armed with the necessary life-saving tools.

BMW started offering the automatic collision notification system in the 2000 model year. The company includes the service for its system for four years following the purchase of the vehicle.


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