New Infiniti FX, now with iPhone compatible seats!

A revealing shot of an unannounced feature?

While choosing images to use for our 2009 Infiniti FX story and wallpaper gallery, I saw a press photo like none I’ve ever seen before. Why is there an iPhone sitting on the crossover SUV’s handsome quilted leather seat?

Maybe it’s there to give a sense of scale. Our seats are 3.2 by 4.7 iPhones, perfect for your American posterior. Or, is the iPhone supposed to appeal to young folk, with their gadgets and gizmos and whatnot? (Internet in your pocket? But where do you attach the tubes?)

Whoever laid their phone down for the shot (probably the phashionable photog) has 41 unread e-mails and 2 missed calls/voicemails. Must have been a long shoot. iPhone nerds (like myself) will also note that this device has been updated to version 1.1.3.

To be fair, Infiniti does have one of the best iPod/iPhone-compatible factory stereos. We have the system in our Four Seasons G37 and it kept me company on a trip to Chicago for auto show duty.

Excuse me, my phone’s ringing, it’s Infiniti’s PR people…


Buying Guide

2012 Infiniti FX35

Fair Market Price $27,601 Base AWD
Motor Trend Rating


16 City / 23 Hwy

Cargo (Std/Max):

NA / 62 cu. ft.