New Hot Rod Unlimited Shows Cars Getting Ripped Apart

Get the down low on crushed cars.

Ever wonder what happens to the unwanted cars in the junkyard? On this week’s episode of Hot Rod Unlimited, host Elana Scherr shows us what goes on behind the scenes of U-Pick Parts auto wrecker.

General manager Andy Adlen walks us through the entire process, stopping first at the drain station, where all the fluids are drained from the cars in an environmentally safe way. Once that’s done, the car is officially available for parts. It’s put on display in the self-service yard, where parts are up for grabs to anyone who brings their own tools and pays the $2 entry fee (plus the cost of the part). Although most cars will stay on the line for about 30 days, Adlen says the more desirable and rare cars will stay out longer, such as an early 70s Scirocco, which donated its clutch cable to someone who couldn’t find one anywhere else. After they’ve been picked apart, it gets nasty. Warning: if you’re squeamish, you may want to cover your eyes because you’re about to see lots of crushed metal.

The cars are ripped apart by an excavator with a shearer, and after removing valuable scrapmetal, the cars are then turned into 12-inch thick pancakes.  Adlen and Scherr then go to another site where they hit the shredder.

Watch what happens to cars in the afterlife in the video below.