New GM Key Fob Can Read Your Mind!

Well, not quite. But it can tell you your odometer reading, current radio presets, tire pressures, and door lock status. And that’s pretty cool.

;So you’re sitting at a nice restaurant thinking about how awesome you’re going to look opening the door of your new Escalade for your date. She might even comment on those classy twenty-eight inch wheels of yours as you fire up that big V-8 and the Bose stereo kicks on. WAIT! Oh no, your radio presets are all Jesus rock and country. That’s embarrassing. A relationship-ender, even.

;Good thing GM has this new two-way transmitter key fob. Not only does it allow you to change your radio presets, you can check tire pressures, get an odometer reading, and make sure your doors are locked. And because it is a two-way transmitter, the remote start function should work from a much greater distance. All of this for just $150 sounds like a pretty good deal to us. It will be available in April, initially on GM full-size trucks and SUVs. We’re excited to give it a try and decide whether we think this fob is cooler than Volvo’s new heartbeat detector that alerts the driver if an intruder is hiding in the back seat.