Name That Viper Variant – Round Three

The world may have said farewell to the Dodge Viper late last week, but we’ve chosen to celebrate 19 years of production, not mourn it.

Think you know your snake history? We’ve rounded up a crop of Vipers, Viper variants, or Viper-powered vehicles for this week’s guessing game. Think you know what’s featured in the photo above? Send us your best guess in the comments section below.

Did You Surmise Yesterday’s Snake?

We have to give a shout-out to Facebook fan Ryan O’Keefe, who hit the nail right on its head. “Maximum” Bob Lutz had the luxury of parking his keester behind the wheel of multiple Vipers during his tenure at Chrysler, including this GTS Coupe, which served as the pace car of the 1996 Indianapolis 500.

Arguably, the Viper’s second (and final) gig as Indy pace car went much smoother than its first. In 1991, Dodge had planned on running a modified Stealth R/T — which was co-developed with Mitsubishi — as the official pace vehicle. Critics — including the UAW — panned using a partially-Japanese vehicle at an “all-American” race. Chrysler reacted by replacing the Stealth (which was recently sold at auction) with an early Viper RT/10 prototype.


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