Name That Pebble Beach Car: Round 1

Each year, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance gathers some of the world’s most beautiful automobiles and places them atop one of the world’s most scenic locales: Monterey, California. Although the event occured almost two weekends ago, we managed to snap several photos we think are more than worthy of our weekly trivia challenge.

Think you can identify the mystery Pebble Beach car above? If that curve looks familiar or that beaten aluminum panel triggers a flashback, send us your guess via the comments section below.

Last week’s Porsche Puzzle

Congratulations to commenter KaBoomBOX who correctly guessed Friday’s Porsche. The teaser image was, in fact, Porsche’s Type 597, otherwise known as the Jagdwagen or “hunting car.”

Responding to a call for a rugged, go-anywhere military runabout, the first prototypes appeared in 1950, and entered testing nearly four years later. The 597 used a specially developed steel chassis with a Porsche-tuned torsion bar suspension, while the sealed body (which helped the 597 float) was suppled by Karmann. Power came courtesy of the 356’s 1.6-liter, air-cooled flat-four, which gave 50 horsepower and 77 pound-feet of torque — all of which was sent to the ground via selectable four-wheel-drive and a five-speed manual gearbox.

The German army purchased several, but the 597’s sheer cost and limited production prevented the armed forces from ordering additional examples. Instead, DKW’s inexpensive Munga won the contract, and Porsche ended up selling many of the 71 597s built to civilians looking for a hunting or recreational vehicle.