Name That Paris Show Star – Round 5

The Paris Motor Show is only held every other year — so in celebration of the 2010 show going on now, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Parisian debuts from years past.

Think you can identify the car above? Send us your best guess via the comments section below. We’ll reveal the answer Monday, along with a new guessing game.

Did You Name Yesterday’s Paris Show Star?

Yesterday’s Paris star came from France’s neighbor to the northeast, Germany. Commentor M.I.U.R.A was on the right track with Audi, as it was the Audi Steppenwolf concept from the 2000 Paris show.

Audi introduced the Steppenwolf concept after the success of its A6 Allroad Quattro, and the German brand wanted to create a high-performance compact crossover. The Steppenwolf took styling cues, such as the bulbous fenders and rounded front fascia, from the first-generation TT (at that point the current generation) and applied them to a high-riding sport-utility vehicle. In keeping with its sporty crossover aspirations, Audi only gave the Steppenwolf two doors.

Although Audi envisioned the car as a high-performance crossover, it still wanted it to be capable of tackling off-road terrain. As such, Audi equipped the Steppenwolf with a four-level adjustable air suspension, which allowed the driver to select maximum ground clearance for off-roading or a lower center of gravity for on-road endeavors.

Shown in our teaser yesterday was the concept’s unique rear drawer. It could house either the spare tire or a winch setup with a tire repair kit. The winch gave a true indication of how Audi intended for this car to be used.

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