Name That Northstar – Round Four

GM is discontinuing production of its venerable Northstar V-8 by the end of this year, but to give the DOHC engine a proper sendoff, we’re teasing a number of vehicles that used the engine in different forms.

Can you ID the car above? Give us your best guess in the comments section below.

Did You Name Yesterday’s Northstar?

You sure did, so long as you answered the Pontiac Bonneville GXP.

Although Pontiac toyed with the notion of a performance-tuned Bonneville GXP with SEMA concepts back in 2002, the dream didn’t become reality until 2004, when engineers stuffed the 4.6-liter Northstar into the H-body’s engine compartment.

Some suggested the Bonneville GXP was a gap-filler for the Oldsmobile Aurora, which died in 2003 — two years before the brand itself did. Ultimately, the Bonneville GXP wasn’t long for this world, either. Production of the V-8 Bonnie ceased a year later when production of Pontiac’s front-wheel-drive premium luxury sedan ended.