Name That Nissan – Round Two

In honor of Nissan unwrapping its revised 2012 GT-R this morning, we’ve parsed through the company’s archives and dug up some of our favorite Nissans from the past.

Know your Nissans from Altima to Z, or feel you’re the superior Skyline expert? Send us your best guesses on the identity of the car above via the comments section below.

Did You Name Yesterday’s Nissan?

Congrats to those who identified yesterday’s mystery machine as the first-generation Nissan Silvia coupe, which was manufactured in small quantities between 1964 and 1968.

Nissan sought to create a high-end luxury sports coupe, and set about crafting such a vehicle from its Fairlady roadster. The slender coupe styling, which incorporated a sweeping long hood and a stubby tail, is largely attributed to Kazuo Kimura, although the legendary Albrecht Goertz reportedly had a hand in finalizing the Silvia’s shape.

Power — all 89 horsepower — came from the same 1.6-liter I-4 found in the SP311 Fairlady 1600 roadster, which sent power to the rear wheels via a four-speed manual gearbox. All Silvias were hand-built, and production was carried out under Yamaha’s auspices.

Although the Silvia debuted at the 1964 Tokyo Motor Show, a handful ultimately made their way stateside for use in auto shows. Nissan contemplated importing the car to the U.S, but ultimately decided against it. In the end, only 554 cars were built over a four-year span.

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