Name That Lamborghini – Round Four

Lamborghini issued the first teaser photo of its upcoming supercar slated for a Paris Motor Show reveal earlier this week. Enthralling, perhaps, but we thought we’d issue our own cryptic photos of Lamborghinis past and present for this week’s trivia game.

Think you know which Lamborghini is pictured in the teaser above? Send us your answer in the comments section below. We’ll let the bull run free on Monday and unveil our new game for the week.

Did You Name Yesterday’s Raging Bull?

If you guessed the chassis from a 1965 Lamborghini Miura, you’d be correct.

This particular chassis isn’t from just any Miura, for that matter. This particular frame is the first built by Lamborghini and was shown at the 1965 Turin Salon. After that, it sat at the Lamborghini factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy for 13 years before Marios Kritikos purchased the car in 1978. Kritikos owned it until 2008, when it was purchased by Los Angeles, California-based car collectors.

When the Miura went into series production in 1966, it became the first ever production mid-engine vehicle. It also used an an extremely unique powertrain setup, with a transverse mounted V-12. Making the powertrain setup even more unique is the fact that rather than building a separate transmission and differential for the Miura, Lamborghini integrated both the five-speed manual transmission and rear-differential right into the engine block casting.

Although the unique powertrain and drivetrain setup could occupy engineers for hours, its performance that most care about and the Miura wasn’t lacking. The 1966 Miura was powered by a 4.0-liter, V-12, with a single-barrel carburetor for each cylinder, producing 320 horsepower. This earned the car the P400 designation; P for “posterior” as the engine lay behind the driver and 400 denoting the 4.0-liter engine. A P400 S model with 370 horsepower was added in 1969 and a P400 SV (SuperVeloce) version with 385 horsepower debuted in 1971.

Lamborghini later added a SV/J upgrade for the Miura with engine, suspension, interior, and exterior upgrades. The SV/J package was based on a car created in 1970 to comply with J Series racing regulations.


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