Name That Jaguar – Round One

Check your calendars, Jaguar lovers: this Thursday, September 23, 2010, officially marks the brand’s 75th anniversary.

Although the British luxury automaker will celebrate with a convoy of historic cars heading to the Goodwood Revival, we’re celebrating with a guessing game. Think you know the cool cat pictured above? Send us your best guess via the comments field below, and tune in tomorrow for both the answer and another quiz.

Did You Name Friday’s Design Sketch?

Those rounded flanks didn’t quite make the jump to either the 1999 Cadillac Evoq concept or the production XLR roadster, but they were once considered for the luxury roadster.

Earlier designs were further removed from the finished product — in fact, some proposals called for the Evoq concept to be a mid-engine two-seater, albeit nowhere as wild as the 2002 Cien concept proved to be.

Ultimately, a design team led by Kip Wasenko settled on the edgy, long-hood form that was applied to both the concept and, with a little modification, the 2004 XLR.


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