Name That FoMoCo Concept: Round Two

If you fancy yourself a Ford fan, you’ve likely noticed that a handful of Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury concepts are destined for the auction block in a few weeks’ time. But how well versed in the company’s show-car past are you?
We’ve picked a few of our favorite show cars from the past few decades, and zeroed in on a few distinctive details. Think you know what you’re looking at? Send us your best guess in the comments section below

Did You ID Yesterday’s Dream Car?

Congrats to those who did — those dual front steering axles were a hallmark of the ungainly Ford Seattle-ite XXI, which debuted at the 1962 Worlds’ Fair in — of all places — Seattle, Washington.

As such, the Seattle-ite wasn’t so much grounded in reality as it was a showcase for pie-in-the-sky technology. Power, Ford said, could come from a number of different modular powertrains, including a hydrogen fuel cell or, potentially, a nuclear reactor. Perhaps the sheer weight of such systems would require the dual front axles, but Ford believed the dual steering systems would help the monster corner and brake.

Styling wise, the car wasn’t anything to write home about; from some angles, it appears designers melded a Thunderbird with the aft quarters of the 1956 Lincoln Futura concept. Steering was performed with the fingertip dials Ford was fond of toying with, and a computer within the cabin displayed statistics pertaining to the powertrain, along with various trip information.


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