Name That FoMoCo Concept: Round One

If you fancy yourself a Ford fan, you’ve likely noticed that a handful of Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury concepts are destined for the auction block in a few weeks’ time. But how well versed in the company’s show-car past are you?

We’ve picked a few of our favorite show cars from the past few decades, and zeroed in on a few distinctive details. Think you know what you’re looking at? Send us your best guess in the comments section below

Did You Guess Friday’s Elegant Car?

Friday’s mystery machine was also a concept — the swoopy, chromed dashboard you saw belonged to the 1954 Pontiac Bonneville Special.

Closely resembling the 1953 Chevrolet Corvette, Pontiac’s Bonneville Special concept was also a star of General Motors’ annual Motorama spectacle. Styled by GM’s design guru Harley Earl, the car and its name were reportedly inspired by a trip Earl made to witness the speed trials on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. The plexiglass bubble canopy provided an expansive view, but was also quite functional — in order to enter the vehicle, the windows were hinged so that they (not the doors) opened in a gullwing fashion.

Although a V-8 would be a natural fit for a sports car like this, the fiberglass bodywork actually enveloped a customized high-output version of Pontiac’s Silver Streak inline-eight-cylinder engine. Bored out to 268 cubic inches and blessed with a custom cam and four Carter single-barrel carburetors, the eight reportedly threw down roughly 230 horsepower, and was mated to a GM Hydra-Matic automatic transmission.

Only two Bonneville Specials were built, and remarkably, both still exist. This copper-colored beauty is owned by Chicago businessman/ Motorama collector Joe Bortz, while a green example was auctioned at a 2008 Barrett-Jackson auction for a whopping $2.8 million.