Name That Elegant Car: Part One

Do you find modern cars boring and would rather attend a classic car show than one of the many product launch shows today? If you do, we hope you were at the Concours d’Elegance of America at Meadowbrook over the weekend as there were some great classic cars. We happened to be in attendance and snapped some photos of a few of the cars and are bringing you Name That Elegant Car this week.

Today, we bring you part one of the series to test your knowledge of classic cars. Think you know what classic car is pictured in the detail photo above? Take your guess in the comments below and we’ll reveal the answer, along with another classic car tomorrow.

Did you get Friday’s microcar?

If you knew that the detail shot was of the Amphicar, you must know the history of automobiles with a nautical inclination. Built from the early 1960s until 1968, the Amphicar was designed to bring together motoring from land and sea. The Triumph-sourced four-cylinder engine produces just over 40 horsepower, giving the convertible a just-drivable on-road speed as well as aquatic ability. Amphicars were built in Germany but sold primarily in the United States. With just under 4000 produced, it’s unlikely that an Amphicar is currently docked at your local marina alongside purpose-built watercraft.