Name That Design Sketch – Round Four

If you’re truly a fan of automobiles, flipping through old automotive design sketches can be remarkably entertaining. Seeing how a single vision can evolve over time into a finished product or concept car is fascinating — sometimes, the sketches prove to be prescient, while others bear no resemblance to the end product.

We’ve dug out a few design sketches of cars and trucks — production and conceptual — for this week’s guessing game. Think you can identify the vehicle shown above? Send your best guesses our way by means of the comments section below.

Did You Guess Yesterday’s Sketch?

Congratulations to those who inked out this obscure beauty — this is, in fact, the Hurricane, a concept car built in 1969 by General Motors’ Australian Holden division.

The Hurricane was reportedly one of the first vehicles to emerge from Holden’s bespoke research and development group, albeit it bore considerable resemblance to a number of mid-engine Corvette prototypes built in the same decade. In fact, early renderings show a car that looks remarkably similar to sketches proposed for a Chevrolet Gran Sport IIb coupe.

Power, in fact, came courtesy of Holden’s small-block, 253-cubic-inch V-8 mounted in a mid-engine configuration, and mated to a four-speed manual transaxle. The Hurricane featured a number of interesting gimmicks, including a one-piece, swing-forward canopy; automatic climate and radio controls; digital instruments; and a rear-view camera.

This sketch, used on an official GM Holden publication, mirrors the finalized concept almost entirely, but the deep V-shaped windshield pictured — similar to those applied to the 4-Rotor/Aerovette Corvette — never became reality on this concept.