Name That Design – Round Four

This past Sunday’s annual EyesOn Design car show, held at the Edsel and Eleanor Ford Manor in Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan, put an emphasis on unique automotive designs. We saw everything from a Bizzarini Spider Prototype to a modern-day Lingenfelter Trans Am, and managed to capture some photos for your enjoyment.

Today marks the fourth day of “Name That Design,” in which you guess the car based on teased detail images.

Can you identify the design shown above? Submit your best guess in the comments below and we’ll reveal the answer tomorrow along with Round Five tomorrow.

Did you get yesterday’s car?

The detail photo we showed you yesterday was of a 2010 Rossi Sixty-Six Corvette. We seemed to have stumped our commenters with this one, as no one even got the brand right. TheHummel came closest by guessing the concept is from an American brand.

The Rossi Sixty-Six Corvette was introduced at the Specialty Equiment Market Association show in 2008. It’s based on a current-generation C6 Corvette but draws its styling from the C2 Corvette produced between 1963 and 1967. Although styling elements from the C2 Corvette are in the flared fenders, front and rear fascias, and the overall shape of the car, the most prominent C2 feature is the split window. The rear split window was found only on 1963 Corvettes, but certainly left its mark in the automotive world. Ed Welburn confirmed to us that he intends to design the next-gen C7 Corvette with a split window as well.

Despite being unveiled nearly two years ago, the car pictured here shown at EyesOn Design was the first production car — yes, you can purchase one. The cost of the conversion, including a base C6 donor coupe, is said to be around $130,000, though Rossi said it can perform the conversion on any modern C6.