Name That Corvette – Round Two

Once a year, Carlisle, Pennsylvania attracts some of the world’s most wonderful and wacky Chevrolet Corvettes to its expansive fairgrounds. In honor of the Corvettes at Carlisle festival, we’ve decided to test your knowledge of GM’s plastic fantastic sports car.

Think you know what you’re looking at? Send us your best guesses, hypotheses, or shots in the dark via the comments section below. We’ll unveil the answer (along with a new puzzle) tomorrow evening.

Did You Name Yesterday’s Vette?

If your guess was a 1952 Chevrolet Corvette — also known as EX-122 — then you most certainly did.

You’d be correct in stating that 1953 was the first year for Corvette production. That said, General Motors rolled out the slender little sports coupe at its 1953 Motorama show in New York City, which was held in January. As a result, the show car — which carries serial number EX-122 — was built in December of 1952.

For the most part, the car resembles the production 1953 model, although a few minor trim details separate the show car from its series-production siblings. A gold script Corvette emblem was placed between the upper edge of the grille and the round Corvette logo up front, but was removed on production cars. On the side panels, EX-122 sports a short trim spear that floats above a Chevrolet script emblem. On 1953 cars, this was inverted, and stretched to run to the rear fenders. A pair of scoops atop the front fenders provided air to the

After its showcar services had ended, the car was used by GM engineers to test the viability of stuffing the sports car with a small block V-8, which ultimately launched in the 1955 model year. The car was rebodied at some point during its life, and escaped destruction thanks to a GM executive, who purchased it for his family’s use. Ultimately, the car was purchased by Kerbeck Chevrolet, which has since restored the car to its former Motorama self.


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