Not MySync, it’s MyLink

As the smart phone tsunami continues to wash over America (accounting for half of all cell phones by the end of this year), carmakers are scrambling to integrate the devices into their cars. Chevrolet already offers a phone app that controls some car functions (such as remote door unlocking via OnStar). Now the company is unveiling MyLink, which enables the car to control some mobile phone functions—more than the current Bluetooth system.

MyLink includes a touch screen and enhanced voice recognition. In addition to making calls, it can stream music from your phone, and—like Ford’s Sync and the Mini Connected system—it can run your phone’s Pandora (internet music service) app, as well as the talk-radio equivalent, Stitcher. Pandora and Stitcher include full functionality (multiple stations, thumbs up, thumbs down, et cetera). The ability to run other apps could come in the future.

As to the timing, MyLink won’t be available until this fall, when it will debut on just two 2012-model Chevrolets, the Volt and the Equinox. MyLink will be optional, and the price yet to be announced. MyLink will come to other Chevrolet models during 2012.