Mystery Lamborghini to Rival Porsche Panamera

Rumors abound regarding the upcoming four-seater Lamborghini. Ferdinand Piech, the chairman of VW AG, has insisted that the new car be developed under tight secrecy, but word is that it’s being built to rival the forthcoming Porsche Panamera.

Lamborghini hasn’t produced a four-seater in twenty years, but the production of such a car would mean that it is trying to enter the growing trend of mega-luxury four-seaters that several of its competitors have taken to recently.

Three teaser shots have been released so far but technical details have been hard to come by. Autocar claims it will have a V-12 engine and may have its underpinnings based on Audi’s spaceframe architecture. They further estimate that the car will have a top speed over 200mph and make 0-60mph in under four seconds.

Any more knowledge regarding the mystery Lamborghini may have to wait for its official unveiling at the Paris motor show next week.

Source: Autocar