My name is Ram

That’s the message you’ll likely hear several times over tonight if you plan to watch your television tonight, as the newly-crafted Ram brand launches a marketing offensive to establish itself.

“Marketing will be focused on the Ram image,” said brand chief Fred Diaz

In a presentation littered with odes to Texas childhood memories of the outdoors, and John Wayne quotes, Diaz explained that the new brand will retain its “Dodge DNA,” but will focus on its tough guy, real truck image even as Dodge seeks to appeal to a broader (i.e. younger and more female) customer base.

“Think iPod, iPhone, and Mac — they’re part of Apple but each have an image of their own,” he said.

The presentation concluded with a preview of the Ram’s new, Dodge-free commercial, which will be appearing across primetime television tonight. We’ll let you judge it for yourself, but have to note that drawing an comparison with Apple’s groundbreaking advertising was probably a reach.