35.5 MPG By 2016? No Problem, Says Porsche

Believe it or not, 2010 is more than halfway over and 2016 will be upon us soon. Come that time, the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standard will be 35.5 mpg across the industry, an ambitious target that has automakers off their laurels and onto drawing boards. In spite of its sport- and luxury-oriented lineup, Porsche is confident its current and future hybrid products will pass muster and help the brand achieve the fuel economy goal.

Detlev Von Platen, Porsche’s North American president, assured via a Reuters report that the Stuttgart-based firm would hit 35.5 mpg. Porsche’s hybrid Cayenne and Panamera will be key to hitting the critical mark, and Von Platen is quoted as saying the gasoline-electric-powered vehicles would comprise 10 to 15 percent of the two model’s sales by 2016. In addition, electric Boxsters are reportedly being tested and the North American boss also stated the Volkswagen merger would help improve efficiency with platform sharing, but declined to elaborate on future product plans.

“We have been hit the hardest in this market on the (fuel efficiency) standards,” said Von Platen.
This year is Porsche’s 60th year in the United States. There are currently 199 dealerships in business and the U.S. is Porsche’s largest market in the world, with China trailing in second. Through July, Porsche has sold 13,687 vehicles, led by the Panamera, and is on pace for 23,000 units sold. Von Platen didn’t supply future sales predictions but his brand currently owns 25 percent of the $60,000-plus sports car market, an improvement of 20 percent from just three years ago.
Source: Reuters

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