More, More, More: Porsche Unveils 911 Carrera S Powerkit Upgrade

It’s a story as old as the automobile: an auto manufacturer makes a fiercely quick car, a third party decides it needs more power, and adds even more. Porsche’s continuing that story, with a twist: its Exclusive department unveiled a Powerkit upgrade for the 2013 911 Carrera S that promises 30 more hp for interested buyers.

Porsche Exclusive has long been messing with Porsche’s already lavish, expensive cars by adding various interior and exterior features, but the 991-generation 911 Carrera S has one more option available. Porsche Exclusive calls it the Powerkit, and it’s a comprehensive set of mechanical and software changes that bump the C2S’ output from 400 to 430 hp.

Tweaks include new cylinder heads and a tweaked camshaft, a different intake system, and an additional radiator. That combines with changes to the 911’s engine control unit, the Sport Chrono package from the C2S that features dynamic engine mounts, and a freer-breathing sports exhaust system. Lest anyone be fooled into thinking you’re just driving a stock 911, Porsche affixes a special carbon fiber engine cover with the words EXCLUSIVE POWERKIT emblazoned on the top.

Porsche says the increased power ensures that the 911 C2S with a PDK double-clutch gearbox can get from 0-60 mph in just 3.9 seconds (a decrease of 0.2 seconds), and will top out at 191 mph, three more than before.

If you’re yearning for some more visual upgrades to reflect the increase in power, Porsche Exclusive also offers a new fixed spoiler that hearkens back to the ducktail spoilers of years past. If you’re looking for something more modern, Porsche also offers the Aerokit Cup package, which affixes a second rear wing over the standard spoiler and puts a body colored lip spoiler up front.

Pricing hasn’t been announced yet on the Powerkit or Aerokit Cup packages, but don’t expect the power bump–which involves much more mechanical work than chipping a turbocharged car–to come cheap.

Source: Porsche

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