Still Leaking: More 2012 Toyota Camry Photos Emerge

/strong>Photos of the 2012 Toyota Camry just keep on coming — although not from Toyota itself. Taiwanese website Autonet leaked a few more shots of what appears to be the Camry’s instrument panel, along with a few shots of what appears to be the Asian-market car.

Starting with photos from the Taiwanese website Autonet, the confines of the Asia-spec Camry appear to be Lexus-like in build-quality and materials used, though the overall design is definitely on the safe side (again). Whether or not it’s attractive is up to you to decide. The site also squeezed in a few shots of the exterior and it’s apparent that the Asian market Camry gets a more traditional look compared to the version landing on our shores. Both headlights and taillights are larger and are missing the sharp and dramatic angular design previewed for the North American model.

Source: Autonet