More 2009 Cars will be iPod and Bluetooth Friendly

The days of buying aftermarket speakerphones and piles of adapter cords for your iPods are numbered. Automakers have realized the need to make sure their cars are ready for people’s gizmos and gadgets.

With the economy falling and the auto industry sagging, auto companies are looking for any edge they can in winning over potential buyers. Making sure that their vehicles have features like iPod connectivity, USB ports, and Bluetooth technology is a key step of convenience and luxury that will soon be available on more than just luxury cars.
Nearly 58% of all 2009 cars will offer built in iPod support, over the only 39 % that were equipped in 2008 models. 82% of all vehicles will have Bluetooth connectivity and about a third of all 2009 models will have USB ports. As more laws are passed regulating the need for hands free devices while driving, these numbers will only go up.
“The automotive industry is at the point where in-vehicle technologies – or the lack of them – are influencing sales,” says Phil Magney, iSuppli’s vice president of research.
Source: Wired