Mix Your Own Felipe Massa

We don’t want to spoil your evening if you happened to TiVo Saturday’s Singapore GP, but Felipe Massa didn’t fare all that well.; Still, if you’d like to toast the Ferrari pilot’s accomplishments (perhaps both past and future), you might want to try this – a cocktail drink named for the Brazilian F1 driver.

We were handed this recipe from Cabana Cachaça, an importer of Brazilian’s national liquor.; Cachaça is created in a process similar to that of rum, but, like the country’s primary fuel source, is distilled entirely from distilled sugar cane.; According to Cabana, the drink recipe, crafted by Tim Cooper of Contemporary Cocktails, goes like this:

    1 oz Cabana Cachaça 1/2 oz fresh lemon juice 1/2 oz simple syrup 2 strawberries 2 oz Prosecco
    Muddle strawberries with lemon juice and simple syrup in the bottom of a mixing glass Add Cabana and ice Shake and strain into a champagne glass Top with Prosecco Garnish with a strawberry wedge

There you have it.; Remember to drink (and TiVo) responsibly.