First Look: Mitsubishi i-MiEV Cargo Concept

Need a little more space inside your electric microcar? Mitsubishi may have the answer with its i-MiEV Cargo concept, which debuts at the 2009 Tokyo motor show.

In order to provide extra cargo room for commercial clients, the i’s bodywork is radically modified aft of the B-pillars. Instead of a pair of extra doors, the electric vehicle receives slab-sided panels and an upward-sloping roof. Inside, there’s a flat load floor, and roughly 63 cubic feet of storage space.

Mitsubishi claims this is only an “exhibition vehicle” built for the show, but given the number of utility companies testing i MiEVs and the fact that similar vehicles have already graced the Japanese market (Daihatsu’s Midget II comes to mind), we wouldn’t be surprised if the i-Van eventually finds its way into production.