Milestone: Six-Millionth Subaru Sold in U.S. is an XV Crosstrek

Subaru has had a good few years marked by fairly consistent monthly sales increases. This week, Subaru announced that it has sold in the U.S. its six-millionth vehicle: a 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek.

Perhaps what’s more intriguing is a report from Just-Auto that claims Subaru may put forward a plan to increase production in the U.S. from 130,000 units annually to about 300,000 units a year as early as April 2016. That strategy would require Subaru to increase production at its Indiana factory and, possibly, open a new one as well to avoid the high cost of importing vehicles from Japan.

Just before the end of October this year, Subaru already surpassed its previous sales record of 266,989 units, set in 2011. Through October, Subaru’s sales are up 26 percent. While the Subaru BRZ may function as a halo car for the brand, the newly refreshed Outback remains the brand’s star in the U.S., with more sales in October than the Forester and Impreza put together. With a new Forester arriving in dealerships soon and the Legacy refreshed, we’d be surprised not to see the brand at least maintain these sales levels. The six-millionth Subaru was a 2013 XV Crosstrek sold in Georgetown, Texas.

Subaru’s lineup may not be nearly as quirky as it once was (see the classic “cheap and ugly” ads below), but the rumored U.S.-production target suggests the brand has no intentions of slowing down soon.

Source: Subaru, Just-Auto