Michigan Roadkill Salvage Bill Proposed

In an effort to keep roads clear, bodies warm, and bellies full, the Michigan state legislature will review a bill allowing passing motorists to recover and even eat roadkill. The law currently allows only those with hunting licenses or salvage tags to legally collect and consume the crushed critters.

Michigan’s state Senate approved the bill 27-10, which will now make its way to the House for consideration.

The bill, sponsored by Michigan Republican Senator Darwin Booher, would require passersby to simply notify proper authorities by phone or email. “Tell ‘em you’re taking the deer; done,” Booher told The Detroit News. “We’re trying to take the government out of it a little, save money, and allow people to use them. People in this state eat animals, whether you want to believe it or not.”

Booher is effectively proposing a “finder’s keepers” mentality with regard to run-over deer and bear. For smaller game like squirrel or rabbit, collectors would need only to keep a written record of the recovery until the remains are either eaten or otherwise utilized.

The Detroit News also reports that Booher himself has totaled four cars over the last nine years as a result of eleven deer collisions. “I took home none,” said Booher. While nobody likes a totaled car, a little juicy venison or a new living room rug might have been some consolation for the thrifty Michigan native.

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