Michigan, a Mustang GT, and Summer

There is just something fun about a Ford Mustang GT. This is especially true on a gorgeous August morning in Michigan.

Logic tells you that the Ford Mustang isn’t a good car. Its live-axle suspension is crude and the interior plastics aren’t that great. But I can’t help but love the ‘stang. The burly V-8 sounds fantastic and the Ford looks good. The Mustang is just so American, so honest and fun.

Not so long ago, a friend of mine moved to Michigan from England. The first thing he did was buy an F-150. He kept joking, saying he was, “living the American dream.” The pickup is gone now, replaced by a Mustang GT. He loves it. An F-150 and a Mustang, quintessential American cars. I love it.

As I drove into work this morning with the sun beating down on the manly Mustang, a Kid Rock track came over the radio. Now, I’m not a huge Kid Rock fan but the song fit the moment and I nearly turned off on a back road to extend my journey to work. As I sat at a traffic light, I looked over and saw a nicely dressed man in a new Volvo C30. I laughed to myself and thought how the C30 is a good car but the Mustang is just so much more fun. The Volvo just looked a bit too conservative for me. I wonder if Mr. Volvo knows how much fun he could be having.

This whole experience got me thinking. Would I buy a Mustang? The purity and power would be very tempting but I have to say I wouldn’t step up to the plate. For similar (or even less, depending on options) money, I would buy a Volkswagen GTI. It’s nearly as fast, more practical, uses less fuel, better in the winter, and can haul the kids in the back easier. That said, I would try to get a close friend to buy a Mustang GT just so I could drive it. Wait, that’s already happened and my English friend is having a riot. Maybe he’s the smart one.

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