Mercedes-Benz Plans a Small Diesel AMG for 2011

AMG has been known to produce some amazing cars with lots of power and monstrous amounts of torque.  For 2011, its going to produce its second diesel model ever and its first since the 2002 C30 AMG.

There are no specifications available on the new diesel AMG, but it has been described as an updated version of the AMG Hammer.  Volker Morningweg, head of AMG, called it the “Super Hammer.”  Morningweg has also said that he prefers the idea of a smaller, lighter, and more efficient car.  This likely has to do with meeting upcoming fuel economy and emissions standards as most of AMG’s current models struggle to get over 20 mpg highway.

While the idea of driving an AMG that gets reasonable fuel economy is very appealing, it is unclear if the diesel AMG will make its way to the U.S.  There may be hope as BMW, VW, and Mercedes are starting to offer diesels in the U.S. again.

Source: Autocar