Mercedes Throws a Diesel Party in New York

Mercedes gets Sheryl Crow to help raise BlueTEC awareness.

NYIAS– No big surprise here — when Mercedes-Benz throws a party, they tend to do it right. Their pre-party, held Tuesday before the Wednesday show opening, was to remind the assembling journos that they should get the word out about the 50 State launch of the environmentally friendly BlueTEC diesel.

This Benz blast – The House of BlueTEC – was as good as expected — a rented party space in some section of Manhattan I’m sure someone considers trendy, waiters dressed in black, many with mysterious accents (“Its skiiiirt stek wid peepperrs on a kurn chip”) delivering loads of finger foods and drinks, and plenty of happy-you’re-here folks from Mercedes. Lots of drinks, as a matter of fact, some of them blue in color for those who, through some lapse of the obvious, forget the name of the product that Mercedes wants us to remember (I’m thinking BlueTEC here……)?

Who better to invite for an environmentally friendly product than an environmentally friendly artist, right? I was thinking 50Cent might have worked to remind us of the 50 state version, but, since I’m quite sure Ted Nugent was busy elsewhere, Sheryl Crow fit the bill nicely, and delivered a tight 8 song set with some pro-BlueTEC banter in between. (When are you guys going to make a BlueTEC tour bus? I want one of those…). Crow’s music was ignored by some and delighted in by others,;this was no assemblage of adoring fans. In fairness, she got the House of BlueTEC rocking by the final song, “Every Day Is A Winding Road.” It might wind less with fewer of those blue drinks, but somehow I think no one minded all that much.

– Dave Kinney