Mercedes mulls a four cylinder for the C class

The C-class could be offered with a four-cyclinder engine in the U.S.

To Europeans, a four-cylinder Mercedes-Benz C-Class is nothing new. For Benz owners in the States, it might be a possibility very soon. Mercedes is contemplating bringing a four-cylinder C-class to the U.S. to help meet CAFE requirements and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

If Mercedes does bring the four-cylinder C-class, the car will be tuned to give drivers the perception of more performance than the car actually has. It’s likely the car would have very quick throttle response and an aggressive exhaust note to help with the performance perception. Mercedes is currently testing a supercharged 1.4-liter four-cylinder in the C-class.

We aren’t yet sure if the four-cylinder Benz will be a reality for the U.S. market, but if it is it will be much cheaper than the V-6 powered C-class models.

Source: Inside Line


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2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Fair Market Price $46,092 C300 Sedan
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23 City / 30 Hwy

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273 @ 1300