Mercedes-Benz Taps MacGyver to Sell 2013 Citan Van

MacGyver, one of TV’s most resourceful heroes, is getting a new gadget, but it isn’t a box of paperclips or some WD-40–it’s Mercedes-Benz’s new Citan minivan.

It’s been many years since Richard Dean Anderson appeared on TV as Angus MacGyver, the non-violent and crafty action hero, but Anderson will return to his most famous role this fall in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz. The two have filmed and are set to release both an advertising campaign and three all-new episodes, which are set to air on September 18th online.

While the idea of an action hero driving a minivan is a strange one, the pairing of a crafty, resourceful hero and a crafty, resourceful car should be positive. The Citan will debut at the IAA International Commercial Vehicle Show next month, and arrive in multiple different iterations. Mercedes-Benz says that the Citan will be available in any of three lengths/styles: a panel van (much like the Ford Transit Connect), a Mixto (which has seating for at least five and ample room in the back), or a Crewbus that should have at least three rows of seats.

Those vans are available with one of three diesel engines, with power outputs ranging from 74 hp to 109 hp, or a supercharged gasoline engine that makes 113 hp. That may not sound like much power, but the Citan also promises fuel economy as high as 54.7 mpg on the EU combined cycle. Other features include an adaptive traction control program that takes the van’s passenger/cargo load into account when making decisions.

As far as the look, European car fans should quickly recognize the family resemblance: the Citan is the first Mercedes-Benz vehicle to come out of the company’s partnership with Renault-Nissan, and the Citan is based on the ever-popular Renault Kangoo. The Citan will even be built on the Kangoo’s assembly line in Maubeuge, France.

Mercedes-Benz also promises maintenance intervals up to two years. Roughly translated: don’t expect any roadside repairs with binder clips and pantyhose.

Source: Daimler


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