Mazda Plans Future Models

“A more aspirational brand that will be an alternative to the premium manufacturers,” was what Mazda CEO James Muir said he wanted his company to be. Indeed, Mazda is planning its next vehicles in a way to separate the automaker from the rest of the pack.

Mazda has said that it’s planning, among other models, a new city car and a new SUV. Muir particularly mentioned that small cars, including a microcar that will be based on the Kiyora Paris concept, will play a much bigger role in the future of the company.

Sports cars, too, will become more influential for Mazda. This includes the next MX-5 which will feature a lightweight and radical design despite being described by Muir as “going back to basics.” While the MX-5 will arrive in 2012, it’s unknown when the RX-7, Mazda’s iconic rotary engine model, will land.

The plan also focuses on providing what Muir described as “more depth” in Mazda’s automobiles by offering a wide range of variants for each model.

Source: Autocar