Mazda Denies Planning Another US Factory

Though it’s found success with its AutoAlliance facility in Flat Rock, Michigan, Mazda Motor Corporation confirmed it will not pursue a second assembly plant in the United States.

The official announcement comes after a number of industry sources speculated that Mazda was, in fact, considering building a second facility, but has since canceled such plans.
An official Mazda release held these stories to be “speculative, and not based in fact.”; The official statement proclaimed that, in following with its business plan crafted in 2007, the company will not seek a second plant.
Following the initial report, Mazda stock dropped more than nine percent, but that fall may have been triggered by other factors – notably, Ford’s decision to sell most of its 33.4 percent interest in the Japanese firm.
Yasuaki Iwamoto, an analyst at Okasan Securites, believes the stock would have fallen further had Mazda continued to pursue the U.S. facility.
Source: Automotive News Europe