Maserati GranTurismo MC Revealed

Maserati will officially unveil its new GranTurismo MC during the FIA GT’s “Media Days.” Now the car that was merely a concept back in September could be coming to a race track near you.

The GranTurismo MC racer is based on the GranTurismo S road car. Its production stats are similar to the concept shown at the 2008 Paris auto show. It weighs less than 3090 lbs thanks to a fully-stripped interior, Lexan windows, a carbon fiber dashboard, and multiple composite body panels. Maserati didn’t specify the horsepower, but if the GranTurismo MC has the same 450-hp engine as the concept, it will boast a racecar-like power-to-weight ratio of 7 lb / hp.

Also, like the concept, the rest of the car is engineered to FIA standards. Thus it is equipped with a data acquisition system, six-point racing harness, and an integral roll cage. It also features more aerodynamic bodywork, extra-firm racing suspension, enlarged brakes all around, and slick racing tires on 18-inch wheels.

A Maserati GranTurismo MC will be entered by a private team to partake in some GT4 European Cup events during the second half of this season. A limited number of GranTurismo MCs will also be produced for drivers who wish to race in the 2010 GT4 European Cup and the national series. That model will go on sale in October for € 135,000 ($181,000). Next year, Maserati intends to once again organize a European single-make cup race. The cars participating in the Cup will naturally have slightly different specs than the GT4-versions.

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