Manual M5: Its the end of the world as we BMW it

We just found out that you can’t fully disengage the stability control on the new 6-speed M5.; It is, quite obviously, the end of the world.

When BMW introduced its M5 without a manual transmission, lots of people complained.; An SMG-equipped seven-speed M5 should be faster around a track than a manual, it was said.; But who cares – the M5 weighs 4000 pounds.; Anything that weighs almost two tons isn’t a track car in the World According to Jason.

So what is the M5?; In my mind, it’s supposed the ultimate daily driver.; It’s the car that you can drive every day – normally, at ludicrous speeds, or anywhere in between.; So it should be fun.; A transmission that emulates a cervical adjustment from a heavy-handed chiropractor each and every time it shifts is not fun.

BMW listened to all the complaints.; Thank you, BMW North America!; For 2007, we’re getting a six-speed manual M5.; Woohoo, right?!; No.

We just found out that you can’t fully disengage the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) on manual transmission M5s.; Why?; Well, according to BMW, it’s because they don’t want owners doing 8000-rpm clutch-dumps and then making BMW pay for new driveline components.; It will have an “M Dynamic Mode,” presumably similar to the “Dynamic Traction Mode” on other BMWs, that raises – but does not eliminate – the DSC intervention threshold.

Here’s my problem:; In every other BMW product, you can do a redline clutch dump with DSC on.; It just won’t accomplish much in the way of acceleration.; If I can do one on a lowly 525i, why in the name of all things Holy shouldn’t you be able to do it in BMW’s halo performance sedan?

What is the point of having 500 tire-shredding horsepower if you can’t… shred tire?;

Somehow, Ford sold their 550-hp GT without any traction or stability control.; Those systems can be completely disabled on every true sports car in the world, from the Porsche 911 to the Ferrari F430.; So why should the M5 be any different?

I’ll reserve my full-on wrath until I drive the new manual M5.; We’re not yet sure what M Dynamic Mode will allow – maybe it will let me get away with enough debauchery that I won’t care? Until;then, I’m predicting that this is the end of the world as BMW knows it.; Automatic M5s, turbocharged 3-series?; What’s next, a 7-series that parks itself?!

The Ultimate Driving Machine is slowly morphing into the Ultimate Computing Machine.


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2016 BMW M5

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Horse Power:

560 @ 6000


500 @ 1500