Mansory Dresses the Lamborghini Aventador, Creates the Carbonado Coupe

Quick: name one addition a stock Lamborghini Aventador could use. If, for some reason, you said “more carbon fiber,” tuning house Mansory’s new Carbonado Coupe should be right up your alley.
Though it sounds like a villain from an episode of “Zorro,” the Carbonado is a Mansory creation that takes a stock Lamborghini Aventador and adds liberal amounts of carbon fiber to the interior and exterior. That’s in addition to an already substantial amount of carbon fiber, as the Aventador’s monocoque is fabricated from carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP).
The package starts with a completely new aerodynamic kit. Mansory says the new front air splitter provides better downforce than before, and channels more cool air towards the radiators. The front bumper gets new running lights, too. Mansory flared the wheel arches on the Carbonado by 1.6 inches up front and 2.0 inches in the rear, and installed new side sills with that boast brake cooling ducts. Out back, the car receives a new diffuser and a larger rear wing, both of which allegedly increase downforce over the rear axle. All of the aero kit pieces, along with a new roof panel and hood, are made out of carbon fiber. The car sits on top of 20-inch front and 21-inch rear wheels that are trimmed with — you guessed it — carbon-fiber inlays.
Inside, Mansory replaced many of the Lamborghini’s trim pieces with carbon fiber parts, installed non-slip aluminum pedals, and upholstered the dashboard and seats with treated leather. To complete the package, the Carbonado comes with an upgraded engine control unit and a freer-flowing exhaust system that boost the Aventador’s output from 691 to 744 hp.
Mansory says that it’ll only make six examples of the Carbonado, so you’ll have to call the tuning house pretty quickly if you’re in the mood for one of these. You’ll also have to pony up a whole lot of dough: Mansory hasn’t released pricing for the Carbonado upgrades, but you’ll have to provide the $394,000 Aventador to start.
Source: Mansory