Lumma Design Teases Panamera-based CLR 700 GT Ahead of Geneva

Ready for yet another tuned Panamera? Lumma Design released official information surrounding the CLR 700 GT, its radically tuned Porsche sedan that will likely debut at this week’s Geneva motor show.

It’s wide, it’s low, and as its name suggests, it can be extremely potent. Though not complete, development of the initial engine package with 700 horsepower is well underway, meaning this particular car is for show and display only.
Nearly every body panel is replaced with a carbon fiber constructed alternative. Multiple vents, spoilers, and ducts cool pertinent components and suck the CLR 700 GT to the pavement. The car rides on 21-inch “Racing Edition” aluminum wheels with machined center caps, but the ride height — at least for the time being — appears to be largely stock. Inside, designers replace Porsche’s leather hides with diamond-patterned leather and ultrasuede, and slathered the interior with carbon fiber trim accents.
We’ll hopefully learn more about the wild and wacky CLR 700 GT later this week, when it officially debuts in Geneva.
Source: Lumma