Louis Vuitton Sues Hyundai over Super Bowl Ad

If you were hoping a Louis Vuitton-branded Hyundai would follow last year’s Genesis Prada experiment, we have some rain to dish on your parade. The luxury goods firm is apparently suing the South Korean automaker over an ad which ran during the 2010 Super Bowl.

The spot, designed to tout the affordable luxuries of the new 2011 Sonata, humorously depicts extravagant items used in humble ways: a luxury yacht parked amidst tract housing; beat cops eating caviar, and so on.

Louis Vuitton’s complaint stems from the basketball scene, where an informal 3-on-3 game takes place on a gilded court. Look closely at the ball — the camera does for approximately one second — and you’ll see a pattern that Louis Vuitton says bears too much resemblance to its own.

Louis Vuitton claims the ball’s markings “intentionally create confusion” among consumers, imply an association between the company and Hyundai, and should subsequently be awarded some pretty substantial damages.

To view the ad on YouTube, click here. To see what we had to say about the new Sonata’s luxuries and other qualities, click here to read our first drive review.

Source: Consumerist


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