Lotus based EV Could be Chryslers Choice

Chrysler will likely produce the Dodge EV, according to a report from Wired Magazine.

The magazine’s Autopia blog, quoting an unnamed source, said the pure-electric sports car would come out in 2010, effectively replacing the Viper as the brand’s halo vehicle. This falls in line with what industry analysts and news reports have been saying since Chrysler revealed its trio of electric vehicles yesterday. The Dodge EV is essentially a Lotus Europa with lithium-ion batteries and an electric motor, following a path already pioneered by Tesla.

We do have to call Wired on their assertion that Chrysler sells three cars per month per dealership. Last month the company reported about 110,000 sales, meaning there would have to be 36,000 Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep dealers in the county – about ten times the actual number.

Source: Wired