Los Angeles 2012: Smart ForJeremy Sprouts Wings, Soars To New Levels Of Silliness

Yeah, yeah; we know: Red Bull gives you wiiiiiiiiiiiings and all that jazz. Except Red Bull didn’t give this Smart ForTwo wings. Jeremy did. Jeremy, as in Jeremy Scott, the fashion wunderkind who has the likes of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry in a tizzy thanks to his uh, eclectic designs.

When it comes to his modified ForTwo, eclectic is perhaps an understatement. Built off an electric Smart ForTwo ED, Scott’s modifications – all applied in under eight months – are exclusively cosmetic, and in Smart’s words, render the ForTwo ED “full of lightness and joie de vivre.” Exterior revisions include flared rear fenders, wider rear wheels allegedly inspired by airplane propellers, and “eyebrows” added over the headlamp assemblies. Scott chose a bright white exterior paint, but opted to cover the Smart’s Tridion cell frame in a blinding chrome finish.

Outlandish, perhaps, but tame compared to the ForJeremy’s most bizarre bit of kitsch: wings. Much like his recent line of Adidas sneakers, the ForJeremy has a pair of tall, upright wings placed at the back of the car, where quarter windows, taillamps, and D-pillars once stood. Those bright pink accents are translucent and illuminated, allowing the gargantuan structures to double as brake and tail lamps.

Although they look like something Virgil Exner could have drafted following a week-long Chantix bender, Scott says the wings – both on the Smart and on his other projects – help impart freedom, along with “a sense of weightlessness. I definitely wanted to have them for the Smart Electric Drive in order to convey the way it frees the environment of noxious emissions and symbolizes the new lightness of mobility.”

Inside, the ForJeremy uses white nappa leather on its door panels, seating surfaces, and instrument panel. Both the door panel and seat inserts feature diamond stitch patterns. Door panel frames, seat belt buckles, air inlets, and dash trim are also chromed to match the exterior.

It’d be easy enough to dismiss the Smart ForJeremy as a flight of fancy (Wings, get it?), but don’t discount it quite yet. Smart says it will actually “launch a limited special edition of the ForJeremy in 2013,” presumably to give fashionistas a transportation mode to match their Scott-designed shoes, watches, and other bits of haute couture. No word on if the wild wing-shaped tail lamps will re-appear on the production model, but if so, best of luck getting them to pass federal lighting and reflector standards.

Source: Smart

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