Los Angeles 2011: 2013 Porsche Panamera GTS Debuts

Porsche is famous for taking a good idea and spinning it into about 25 slightly different versions of a good idea. Deciding on your favorite 911 model isn’t easy, but we’re quite fond of the GTS because it offers increased performance without making the car too extreme for daily use. Now that philosophy has made its way to the Panamera line and Porsche is offering a Panamera GTS.

Panamera GTS models use the same 4.8-liter V-8 as Panamera S models, but it packs an extra 30 hp, for a total of 430 in the GTS. Torque rises from 369 lb-ft in the S to 384 lb-ft in the GTS . As you might expect, a revised ECU and sport exhaust system help the GTS achieve these more impressive numbers and brake hardware borrowed from the Panamera Turbo ensures you’ll be able to scrub off speed easily.

Porsche is including the Sport Chrono package as standard equipment on all Panamera GTS models as well as the PDK dual-clutch automatic transmission and the combo makes a 4.5-second 0-60 sprint possible. Top speed increases to 178 mph. The GTS rides 10 mm lower than Panamera S models and comes with standard PASM and adaptive air suspension. Five mm wheel spacers on the rear axle give the Panamera GTS a slightly wider track.

Interior changes for the Panamera GTS include special leather, Alcantara trim, sports seats, a SportDesign steering wheel, and GTS branding smattered throughout the cabin.  A “Sound Symposer” pipes in the sounds of the intake to the cabin through the car’s A-pillar when the car is in sport mode.  Exterior changes are also pretty minor and many exterior trim pieces can be had in high-gloss black.

The changes seem rather minor when you read them over, but other Porsche GTS models have demonstrated the changes that comes with a GTS moniker are recognizable when you push the car without being so extreme that it goes from a street car to a track toy. We’ll be sure to let you know how the Panamera GTS stacks up as soon as we get some time behind the wheel.

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