Los Angeles 2010: All-New Saab 9-4X Crossover Makes its World Debut

Saab introduced a key component of its U.S.-market future at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show, the all-new 9-4X crossover.

And it does look like a Saab-attractive styling, quirky without being ugly, and arguably better looking than the Cadillac SRX on which it’s based. But it is based on a GM platform, and you can expect that partnership will continue, for a while, anyway. So it’s not exactly a true Saab underneath, but the styling is certainly true to the company, and has promise. We’d also hope suspension tuning to be unique for the Scandinavian cousin, to further separate the two.

For those who want a luxury crossover that’s a bit different, the Saab’s styling may appeal to Saab fans, and could bring others into the fold. With this five-passenger crossover, you can expect that when it goes on sale in May 2011, it’ll come with a choice of V-6 engines: a 265-horsepower, 3.0-liter or a turbocharged, 300-horse 2.8-liter (like in the SRX), with available all-wheel drive (Saab’s XWD). It’ll ride on 18- or 20-inch wheels, and is anticipated to get fuel economy as good as 18 mpg combined, and hit 60 mph from a stop in as little as 7.7 seconds.

That Saab is still around means that there is plenty of potential for the company to continue to get back to its roots. Oh, and rest easy Saab fans: the ignition (okay, the start/stop button) is still near the floor.

–Allyson Harwood