Lorinser Launches Styling Pack for Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe

We think Mercedes-Benz’s E-class coupe is beautifully styled as it leaves the factory in Sindelfingen, Germany. Lorinser appears to disagree. The noted Mercedes-Benz tuner released its new accessory line for the two-door E-class, which it claims gives the E coupe a “more individual mark.”

Starting with the exterior, Lorinser’s designers implemented their well-known exterior set with a more angular front bumper, vented front fenders, scooped sides, and a rear diffuser. There’s also a rear windshield spoiler and trunklid lip for added aesthetics. The one-piece RS9 wheels come in a 20-in. diameter and look best with the available suspension kit, which lowers the car by 30 mm.

Swing open a door, and you’ll find the majority of the cabin remains stock. A keen eye will pick out the Lorinser-branded pedals, sills, mats, and instruments. As for performance, only a reworked ECU and exhaust improve the power delivery, meaning this coupe sports more show than go.
Source: Lorinser