Looking Up: GM Posts 20-Percent Sales Increase in April 2010

A year after falling into bankruptcy, GM is looking stronger than it has in a long time. April 2010 sales are up 20 percent compared to April 2009 and year-to-date sales are up 31 percent over this time last year.

“Clearly, our launch vehicles are hitting the mark with consumers who are looking for bold styling, quality, safety, and fuel efficiency,” said Steve Carlisle, GM’s vice president of U.S. Sales Operations. “But our results aren’t limited to just our newest vehicles. Sales of our full-size pickups and our mid-sized crossovers continue to strengthen.”

The biggest contributions to GM’s impressive results came, predictably, from the brands with the hottest new products. Buick and Cadillac saw the largest sales increases, up 36.4 percent and 35.7 percent respectively, thanks to the hugely popular Buick LaCrosse and Cadillac SRX, which were up 273 percent and 587 percent respectively.

That’s not to say Chevrolet and GMC weren’t helping. Both brands also posted sales gains, with the former up 17 percent and the latter up 18 percent. Booming sales of the Terrain and Equinox twins helped pump up the stats, as did the ever-hot Camaro, which if compared to its limited-release sales in April 2009 would be up nearly 1400 percent.
Also of importance is GM’s reliance on fleet sales, which slipped slightly in April 2010, down 2 percent from April 2009 to 58,000, or roughly 31 percent of GM’s total sales. Outside of the “core brands,” GM also moved a few Saturns, Pontiacs, and Hummers that were still on the lots, bringing its vehicle sales total for the month to 183,997, roughly 6 percent higher than April 2009.
Source: GM